Hockey - It's Our Game!

Skating and hockey are as Canadian as maple syrup and paying taxes. And it doesn’t matter if you’re just learning or if you’ve played in a league for years. Hockey is entertaining, great exercise, and lots of fun. But it’s even more fun when you become better at it.

It’s said that practice makes perfect, but very few adult teams hold practices. And practicing on your own without qualified instruction can be boring and of little benefit.

As an individual it’s difficult to improve your skating and hockey skills, but that’s where Skate Biz Adult Hockey School steps in.

Think of Skate Biz as your personal practice time. A practice that is a natural part of your hockey program.

Each week we’ll provide you with a full hour of ice time and expert instruction. We’ll watch your every move, put you through special drills, and show you how to improve your skating – and your hockey game.

Soon you’ll be playing better, smarter hockey – instinctively.

Skate Biz Adult Hockey School Toronto