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Skate Biz Adult Hockey School Toronto

Any hockey school is only as good as its instructors. At Skate Biz our instructors are very good. They are all extremely qualified, friendly, and approachable. And they’re flexible in their instruction so that you can attain your personal goals.

Skate Biz Adult Hockey School Toronto
Bryan Curley
Head Instructor & Program Co-ordinator

Bryan is the creator and head honcho of Skate Biz, and his resume is nothing short of impressive.

A former collegiate and professional hockey player, Bryan’s comprehensive knowledge of the sport is further bolstered by over twenty-five years’ experience as a hockey instructor.

Bryan is a graduate of the Level III National Coaching Certification Program and was a former Head Instructor with the Ontario Adult Hockey School.

Charismatic and easy-going, our head instructor’s personality ensures that Skate Biz classes are a fun and lively environment for players to improve their skills.

Skate Biz Adult Hockey School Toronto
Brad Lucas

A Skate Biz graduate himself, Brad has over 20 years’ teaching experience with our hockey school, and as a result he is very familiar with the intricacies of player development and program implementation. He is also a former collegiate athlete with a thorough understanding of hockey’s technicalities and the motivation that is required to help someone improve their personal skills.

Using a personable, hands-on approach, and his ability to understand each individual’s specific needs, Brad has effectively helped hundreds of students over the years to improve their hockey skills. And because he is an expert at public speaking, Brad’s easy and approachable style to instruction is one of the reasons why so many of our students keep coming back.

Skate Biz Adult Hockey School Toronto
Dave Chirrey

Dave has been coaching players at various levels and age groups for over 15 years. A Skate Biz instructor since 2010, Dave played AAA hockey and part of a Jr. B season before getting the coaching bug and becoming a development coach for MHL and GTHL teams. This extensive experience allows Dave to efficiently relate and transfer knowledge, which helps to make students’ experiences fun and beneficial.

Dave not only uses his formal teacher training in his instruction, he is also certified through the Hockey Canada Development 1 Instructional Stream Program and holds various other training certificates and NCCP Coaching Levels. His philosophy is simple; keep it fun, be fair, and focus on developing the individual through the sound teaching of fundaments.

Skate Biz Adult Hockey School Toronto
Bryan Bailey

The other Bryan (students often wonder how many there are) is another veteran Skate Biz instructor with an invaluable skill set and a natural talent at teaching.

A key component of our Beginner Hockey Program, Bryan is a gifted hockey player who brings decades’ of experience to the ice and excels at developing the skills that are essential for anyone just entering the sport.

Augmenting his abilities as a hockey instructor is Bryan’s background in refereeing recreational leagues throughout the GTA; developing individual skills and understanding team play are not the only required components for new players, a fundamental understanding of the game’s rules are of great importance too.  

Uwe Wachtendorf
Assistant Instructor

Mastering this instructor’s name is typically the greatest challenge facing Skate Biz students.

Uwe has been lacing up hockey skates for over 45 years – often his own – and has a lifetime of hockey playing experience.

Having been involved with Skate Biz for over two decades, Uwe is naturally talented at moving pylons around and is always eager to pass his knowledge of the game on to those who are just discovering it.

In his own words, “the benefits of Skate Biz programs are numerous, but what isn’t immediately apparent is their value as part of a physical rehab program. I’ve used Skate Biz classes many times over the years when recovering from injuries that had kept me sidelined. Skate Biz classes are a great way to return to hockey and skating – at your own pace – if you’re recovering from an injury and want a safe environment to test your progress.”