Coronavirus Update – Please Read

The RINX facility has announced that it will be closed from Monday, March 16 until the end of the month because of COVID-19.

As a result of this news, Skate Biz classes have been temporarily suspended.

The fluidity of this situation, and unpredictability of required safety measures, prevents us from knowing exactly when our classes will resume.

We ask that you check the Skate Biz website weekly for updates.

What to do now, you ask?

We polled our Monday night instructors to find out what they’ll be up to over the next few weeks.

Bryan plans to spend quality time with his computer, and is determined to learn how to play Minecraft. Apparently he’s never heard of Fortnite.

Brad, having just completed a hockey tape hording expedition, will be retiring to his chateau in the Ontario Alps to sample fine wines.

To suggest a more productive activity, Uwe asks that everyone take this time to wash their stinky hockey equipment.

“Everyone thinks that the coronavirus originated in China,” Uwe stated. “The truth is that it was created in those putrid Petri dishes some guys call hockey bags. That stench is from a living bacteria – it’s not cool.”

Stay calm. Stay safe. We’ll be back on the ice soon.

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