Facelift (and a tummy tuck).

It’s a new season – and a new website.

Check back soon for information regarding the upcoming 2019 Fall
session for individuals.

In the meantime you may have noticed that we’re in the process of giving our website a small update. It’s going to be cleaner, leaner, and quicker (just like you after completing a Skate Biz program).

We appreciate your patience while we wait for the stitches to heal.

3 thoughts on “Facelift (and a tummy tuck).”

  1. I signed up for this class and I’m loving it. Fun and challenging, it’s better than a trip to the gym. Thanks, guys!

      1. Absolutely! Although the majority of those who sign up are building upon existing skills, we also have non-skaters (or those who can’t do one particular thing) join us. We’ve turned plenty of board-huggers into players over the years and invite anyone interested in working on their skating, regardless of their skill level.

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