Winter 2020 Adult Hockey School for Individuals

You still have to wait a couple of months before winter can be kicked to the curb. And your team won’t be starting its playoff run for many weeks yet; we get it, the doldrums of the hockey season are no fun.

Fret not, you can turn that frown upside down with the Skate Biz solution to the winter blues: more ice time!

More ice will not only end your season on a high, you’ll also be able to power turn your way into the spring break with an improved set of hockey skills – and all for a fraction of what a new set of clubs would cost.

Registration for the Winter 2020 class for individuals is now open, but spaces are limited. Don’t risk a delay of game penalty – sign up now.

Same time, same channel: The weekly ten-session course will be held Mondays at Rinx 1 at 20:20 (8:20 pm) starting on February 10.

1 thought on “Winter 2020 Adult Hockey School for Individuals”

  1. Hi there
    My Name is Shay I’m looking to start playing hockey I never played before
    Do you guys have a program for that ?

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