Skate Biz Adult Hockey School Toronto

If you’re new to hockey, or this is your first hockey school, you’ll undoubtedly have a few questions that you’ll want to ask. Our FAQ page should answer most of them, but if there’s something you can’t find an answer to here, or you require an explanation in greater detail, please use our contact page to ask us directly. We’ll be glad to help!


All of our classes are run in a controlled environment. While on the ice, and while participating in class drills, your safety is our first priority, and our instructors ensure that our students are participating within their abilities and comfort zone.

With three instructors present at every session, we maintain a minimum 1:10 ratio of instructors to students. This not only places emphasis on individual and group safety, but it also maintains a high quality training standard.

There are no superstars here. And everyone, regardless of their level of experience, can always improve their skating and hockey skills.

Our programs are designed for all adults, regardless if someone is completely new to the game, or if they’ve been playing hockey their entire lives. Some of our students are recreational players who only get to play one game per week and are not improving their skills at the rate they had hoped, while others include those who are just getting back into the sport after not having played for many years.

Since scrimmage opportunities can be found at almost every hockey rink in the city, we don’t run scrimmages as part of our classes. Skate Biz prefers to focus on specific hockey drills to improve everyone’s skill sets. It is through the repetition of specific exercises and by practicing individual skills rather than game play that skill development is achieved at a faster rate.

Depending on ice availability, we do sometimes offer dedicated scrimmage times for our students between school seasons to provide them with a little extra ice time.

Skate Biz has a close working relationship with True North Hockey Canada, a premier recreational adult hockey league in the GTA with over 400 teams. This puts us in a position to help our students find a team to play on based on their abilities and skill levels.


We recommend full hockey equipment for participants of our programs. CSA approved hockey helmets are mandatory and must be worn at all times when on the ice.

Hockey is a contact sport, and although you will occasionally come into accidental contact with pucks and other players, you might also come in contact with the ice, so for safety reasons we want to ensure you are properly protected at all times.

We also believe that it’s best to practice the game that same way you would play it, in full hockey gear.

There are many excellent retailers within the GTA to purchase hockey gear. Please contact us and we will be happy to recommend one based on your needs, your budget, and location.

Skate Biz Adult Hockey School Toronto