At Skate Biz we take pride in our hockey school programs that were specifically designed to maximize each student’s personal growth in the sport. We achieve these goals in part by keeping our classes small, and making sure that there are no more than ten students per instructor. And of course we focus on essential hockey skills such as:

  • Skating mechanics
  • Power skating
  • Passing
  • Puck control
  • Shooting
  • Enhanced techniques
  • Positional play
  • Game strategy
  • Having fun!

There are other benefits to enrolling in a Skate Biz program that aren’t immediately obvious. For example, as you complete our classes you’ll discover the benefits of improved conditioning. It’s amazing how much fun you can have while getting into shape, and better fitness along with better skating means you’ll be playing better hockey. Whether you’re serious about improving your hockey skills or just want to improve your fitness level, you won’t find a better opportunity than with Skate Biz Adult Hockey School.

Skate Biz Adult Hockey School Programs

Skate Biz Adult Hockey School has partnered with True North Hockey Canada, Toronto’s premier adult recreational hockey league, to provide the ultimate opportunity for those who have never played hockey but would like to get into the sport.

The two-part Beginner Hockey Program is both innovative and exciting, and best of all it’s been tailored to remove the fear or intimidation associated with trying a new sport, and it ensures that your first hockey experience is a fun one. Our co-ed program allows you to sign up as an individual player, and then places you, along with other like-minded and skilled individuals, on your very first hockey team.

During part one of the program your new team participates in a ten-week Skate Biz hockey school course during which you will learn individual hockey skills, be taught the basics of playing hockey as a team, and provide you with the opportunity to bond as teammates as you take part in our specifically designed drills.

Once your team has graduated from our school, it’s time to play hockey! In part two of the program your team plays in the True North Hockey Canada Beginners League, which consists of teams just like yours, and provides a fair and evenly matched environment for beginners to play their first organized hockey games.

Availability: Registration for the Beginner Hockey Program is through True North Hockey Canada. The program is run seasonally and is based on demand. Please contact True North Hockey Canada directly to register, or if you have any questions regarding the program.

True North Hockey Canada
Phone: 416-231-8642

This is our most popular program, and for good reason.

Most of us don’t get to practice our skills, and it’s impossible to improve them in a game setting. Hockey is one of the fastest sports there is, so having an opportunity to practice skills in a controlled, pressure-free setting is invaluable to every player’s skill development.

Flexible and all-inclusive, this adult course is the ideal choice for most hockey players, regardless if they’re just getting back into the game after a long break or they’re an active recreational player.

Even if you don’t play in a league, or aren’t currently on a team, this course is a favorite for those who just like to put on their gear and get some exercise. Our classes are fun and relaxed: no judgements, no pressure, and no attitude. No matter your skill level you’ll get something out of this course; we even welcome those who have never skated before!

Each Individual Entry session is ten weeks in length and includes one hour of on-ice time per week.

Enrollment is very limited and is on a first come, first served basis.

If you would like to participate in the next Individual Entry session, please contact our course administrator regarding current availability, costs, and payment details.

Skate Biz can work with your recreational hockey team to create customized one-off practice sessions.

An ideal program for teams whether they want to stay active during a bye week or are looking to improve between seasons. Our team-specific drills work on elements of the game that aren’t covered during individual skill development courses and help players better understand their roles during a game.

Team practice sessions will not only improve your team’s overall performance, they also increase every individual player’s enjoyment of recreational hockey.

For more information, team representatives can contact our course administrator to discuss specific needs and goals, arrange ice time, and establish costs.

Skate Biz instructors are available for individual assignments and group activities, so if you’re planning a something special based on a hockey or ice skating theme, we can help.

Just add ice: Our experience with hosting team building activities and seasonal office parties is a sure-fire way for you to create something different and memorable for your next corporate event.

Please contact our course administrator to discuss your ideas or to let us provide a few of our own.